Focus Point’s goal is to distill the broad array of financial information available to market participants into understandable and useable knowledge, providing a platform to construct robust portfolio solutions to drive value in our clients' portfolios.


Pillars of our success are driven by three fundamental values



innovate        revolutionize        simplicity

Our attitude and mindset at Focus Point is to show up to work every day searching for ways to be transformational in the challenges we face. Our goal is to be able to come up with innovative solutions to digest the flurry of data showering markets each day and develop simple, easy to understand, solutions that revolutionize the way investors approach the markets, doing so with a performance record and fee structure that eliminates the discussion about the value and cost of alternative solutions.



honesty        straight-forward        communication

The central pillar of any organization that handles financial assets and private information needs to be integrity. Our culture is founded around the concept of integrity in work, life and how we approach interactions with each other and our clients.  



data       employees        clients 

We believe to make fundamentally good decisions one must have enough information and be intellectually honest enough to place the probabilities in one’s own favor. By including as many data sets as possible and developing innovative techniques to determine which information is of value and simplify the output, we are able scan a vast amount of data to determine what’s important and what’s not. At the foundation of our belief system is transparency, of information, decisions and processes with our employees and clients, offering an open book approach into understanding our framework and processes.